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KSH 60,000 -70,000




Duties and Responsibilities

·         Human Resource –Offering support to ensure PCL Human Capital requirements are well met.

·         Provides the interface between the HR Manager and staff

·         Actively cascades to the staff all decisions and directives from the department

·         Member of the Management Committee

·         Ensures that processes & Procedures are adhered to, reviewed appropriately and develop new ones as per Companies’ demands.

·         Ensures that staff adhere to all Companies’ policies and procedures

·         Ensures practical shadow positioning in the department to achieve non-interruption of service delivery.

·         Maintains high Levels of team spirit

·         Leave management.

·         Pre and post background screening.

·         Board report

·         Ensures that PCL is adequately resourced at all levels

·         That PCL hires productive and self-motivated staff who are aligned to its core values

·         Ensures that PCL does a completely professional recruitment in a timely manner

·         That recruitment achieves the company’s desired staff mix especially with regard to academic qualifications and gender

·         Creates a buffer of possible candidates that PCL can always call upon whenever a need a rises and avoid last minutes time constrained recruitment that is likely to end up with poor hires

·         Manage third party relationships such as recruitment agencies, colleagues &Universities, PCL Agents &Customers recruitment referees and any others

·         Ensures that recruits are within the company budget ant that compensation is in line with departmental and overall company harmony.

·         Ensures that there are adequate staff to support various departments, branches and any other structures in the company.

·         In charge of staff training

·         Ensures that all staff are trained across their career paths.

·         Involves other departmental staff in training and development of all staff

·         Ensures that every staff adheres to the company core values

·         Ensures that core values are an integral part of recruitment and retention

·         Ensure all staff adhere to the culture

·         Ensures extreme privacy handling company payroll, keeping it private and confidential at all times

·         Ensures that staff are paid in goodtime.

·         Ensure that statutory deductions are paid on time

·         Ensures that staff are productive as per company expectations

·         Monitors staff productivity and makes remedial measures for non-performing staff either on further training or disciplinary

·         Ensures a participative appraisal system, is well understood and conducted in a timely manner.

·         Ensure that core values evaluation (360 Degrees) is carried out for every staff at least once in a year (Usually August)

·         Incharge of staff welfare

·         Ensure that PCL has a highly disciplined staff complement.

·         Company Dress Code is implemented 100% and time and attendance is well observed.

·         Ensures a participative appraisal is conducted for every staff due for confirmation.

·         Ensures timely communication is done to staff after appraisal whether there are to be confirmed or whether the probation period is to be extended

·         Ensure that you personally market the company so that it can achieve its desired goals.

Key Requirements Skills, experience and qualification

·         Diploma/Bachelor’s degree in any Business field from a recognized institution.

·         At least 3 years practical working experience in HR department.

·         Teamwork

·         Confidentiality

·         Working knowledge in IT skills (MS Office especially excel)

·         Any other role assigned by the HR Manager





  • If you meet the above qualifications, skills and experience send CV urgently to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting the job title as the subject line on your email
  • Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.
  • Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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