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Brites Management Services is one of the best leading labour/ casuals outsourcing companies in Kenya. We effectively and efficiently manage your labour as you concentrate on the core business of your company. Our labour outsourcing cuts across:-

  • Casuals
  • Cleaners
  • Clerical/File Clerks
  • Product promotion staff
  • Sales team
  • Maintenance team
  • Merchandisers
  • Data Entry staff
  • Packaging staff
  • Production staff
  • Drivers and Riders
  • Online staff
  • Telesales

If you are looking for the best labour/casual outsourcing companies in Nairobi, Kenya; look no further. We offer employee outsourcing services to local companies in Kenya and foreign companies. Our HR experts perform HR tasks such as placing casuals, issuing of employment contracts on behalf of our client, supervising the casuals, managing benefits, processing salaries, disciplinary systems, performance management, answering employment inquiries, legal compliance, training, checking attendance, maintaining files and records, and a host of other employee-related tasks.

Most companies have seen the importance of outsourcing their casuals so as to concentrate on the core business of their companies and strategic plans and this has led to higher profit margins.

Why outsource your non-core employees to Brites Management Services:

  • If looking for the best HR outsourcing company in Nairobi, Kenya, to outsource your casual labourers or non-core employees; here’s why you should work with us;
  • Risk Management – We help businesses minimize risks by removing head count expenses of non-core employees
  • We stay abreast on the Labour law and Employment Act, and help companies comply with these laws. We take care of all day-to-day labour and tax matters
  • Cost Saving– Outsourcing will save your company money and time to manage non-core employees.
  • Efficiency – Managers spend less time on peripheral matters and more time is dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company
  • We supply competent employees; we test skills and a thorough background check on qualifications and ensure they have the right experience and work ethics
  • We ensure compliance with Employment/Labour Laws, statutory requirements and tax matters.
  • We offer employees of good conducts and high work ethics, we ensure they have a police clearance certificate
  • Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA): We ensure all outsourced staff are covered, according to the Work Injury Benefits Act policy
  • Medical cover: When the client requires outsourced staff to be provided with medical cover, we procure this on their behalf
  • Payroll management: We are responsible for processing salaries, PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and allowable insurance relief for all outsourced staff
  • Training: We train the outsourced employees on various soft skills programs which improves their job performance e.g. customer service training
  • On site supervision: We provide a supervisor on site to manage, coordinate and motivate outsourced staff. This guarantees a much disciplined staff also.
  • Performance Management: We customize performance management tools and work with the client to monitor and enhance the performance of all outsourced staff.
  • Brites Management Services will ensure efficiency and proper Utilization of Manpower



If looking for a company in Nairobi that outsources online workers Brites has a team of available online staff to undertake the assignment.

Let’s tell you how our online staffs work; so you are weighed down by some workload or a huge backlog? Working on a short notice or a tight deadline or some non-core work that you intend to clear? You engage us, forward the assignment to us with the instructions of what is needed and we’ll have our team that works around the clock finish the assignment within the shortest time possible, while ensuring timeliness, professionalism, confidentiality and accuracy. Our team of online workers undertakes any given assignments from typing documents, data entry, research, IT, graphic designing, accounting, administration, writing articles, posting data, filling in complex forms etc. Each assignment is handled by an experienced professional in that field. Once complete, the assignment is emailed to you.

So if looking to clear that assignment even overnight do not hesitate to contact us.

Brites Management Services is your Partner in Recruitment and HR Consultancy. We source for the most suitable candidates for vacant roles. We offer HR Services like HR Consultancy, Payroll more

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